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Dan Levinson

I have been involved in civil litigation for over 30 years. I began my legal career in Washington, D.C. at Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, one of the world’s largest law firms. In 1990, I relocated from Maryland to attend the University of San Diego School of Law. I obtained my juris doctorate from USD in 1993. As a new attorney, I worked at Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire & Padilla, one of San Diego’s top plaintiff’s firms.

Since then, I have continued to help people recover damages in a wide range of cases, including wrongful termination, failure to pay proper compensation, personal injury, improper financial advice, securities fraud, bad faith denial of insurance benefits, medical and legal malpractice, and business, construction, and real estate disputes. I have experience in state and federal courts, including the United States Court of Federal Claims in which I have represented clients in qui tam (whistleblower) and National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program cases. I have resolved cases with local and nationwide employers and businesses, as well as most national insurance companies.

In cases small and large, from a claim for a single wronged individual, to class actions and mass tort cases for large groups of people, I have provided and continue to provide each of my clients with the years of experience and personal attention necessary to maximize recovery.

Justin Stockton

I am a San Diego native. My legal career started here more than 24 years ago.  After completing my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in 1993, I returned to San Diego to attend California Western School of Law. As a law clerk during law school, I learned about representing injured or mistreated individuals while working at Thorsnes, Bartolotta, McGuire & Padilla, one of San Diego’s top plaintiff’s firms.

After I obtained my law degree, I switched sides and worked for one of San Diego’s leading civil defense firms, Neil, Dymott, Perkins, Brown and Frank. Being on the defense side taught me how employers and insurance companies think, how they evaluate cases, and how they and their lawyers defend lawsuits. After learning all I could, I left the defense side and returned to working for plaintiffs – people mistreated by their employers or their insurance companies, and people injured in accidents or by doctors and dentists.  I have also helped countless people resolve the business and real estate disputes that are often the most disruptive events in their lives.

Practicing law on both the plaintiff and defense sides has provided me with a unique perspective regarding the critical elements of a successful damage claim. I use that unique perspective to ensure the best results for my clients regardless of whether I am seeking compensation from an employer, an insurance company, a homeowners’ association, or a landlord.  In every case, I am prepared to sue and go to trial, but my unique perspective and experience have allowed me to get most of my cases resolved through negotiation. 

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